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C a t t y

Gracie Glaser
Age 6

K i t t y

Raquel Bobolia
Age 6

H i d d e n   C a t

Conrad Mazur
Age 6

W o n d e r   C a t

Ian Mann
Age 6

H i d d e n   B i r d

Hannah Bowen
Age 11

R e d   T a i l e d  C a t

Adeline Longstreth
Age 7

C i r c l e   B i r d

Stephen DeVito
Age 9

G a t o r (2)

Tom Brier
Age 9

N i g h t   M o n k e y

Alec Yenter
Age 8

C e n t i n j o o

Ian Mann
Age 6

S e a   T u r t l e

Tyler Overton
Age 10

J i g g l y w o o

Ian Mann
Age 6

Yellow Cat ©2005 Bailey DeLong, Age 7
C o l o r e d   G i r a f f e

Adeline Longstreth
Age 7

Y e l l o w  C a t

Bailey DeLong
Age 7

G i r a f f e s

Max Hutcheson
Age 11


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