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D E L I G H T F U L   A R T W O R K   by   K I D S

Kids-Did-It! Properties™ is a small California art-licensing and design studio that represents the Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids' art catalog of nearly 500 unique, charming and colorful illustrations available for licensed reproduction made by young art students, ages 3 to 14 - most created under the guidance of respected San Diego, CA artist, teacher, author and art director, Michelle Abrams.

Michelle encourages her students to take their finished artwork off the refrigerator “...enlarge it, frame it, and display it proudly around the house! Treat it as fine art.  That’s what we do!”

Kids Can Learn and Earn!

Michelle’s husband, Glenn, was inspired to collect the student’s artwork and now, in addition to the thrill and satisfaction of being published artists, more than 70 young students have earned royalties for the reproduction of their work.  Some artists have even framed their first royalty check, while others use their proceeds as extra allowance, for college savings, or to support causes important to them.

Kids and Kids-Did-It! Product

S U C C E S S F U L   R E T A I L – P R O V E N   C O N C E P T

Kids-Did-It! Properties™ was the first Art Licensor in the unique Artwork by Kids product category - a category that's timeless, inspiring, retail-proven and easy to promote.

With a delightful attitude and distinctive color palette, licensed artwork by Kids-Did-It! artists has been published under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail brand logo on a variety of illustrated products, garnering Licensees nearly $5.7 million in retail sales, to date.

T H E   K I D S - D I D - I T !  D E S I G N S ®   R E T A I L  B R A N D

Our Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail logo represents a 'feel-good' lifestyle brand and is available to identify colorful, unique and inspiring products featuring Kids-Did-It! illustrations that appeal to consumers who love kids and are delighted by the freshness, innocence and fun of their artwork.

L I C E N S E ,  D E S I G N ,  M A N U F A C T U R E  and  P R O M O T E

Design, manufacture and promote your products under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® brand utilizing our catalog of fresh and colorful images, our cute promotional photos and our memorable "Learn and Earn" story.


Join an expanding list of Licensees who recognized the benefit of creating and distributing Kids-Did-It! Designs® branded merchandise, including Weekly Reader, Leap Year Publishing, Jeanmarie® Creations for Walgreens drugstores, office product giant MeadWestvaco, Deluxe subsidiary Checks Unlimited, Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation, Norwood Promotional Products, Inc., Gibson/American Greetings, Papel Giftware™, Prentice Hall and Houghton-Mifflin publishers, DayGlo® Color Corporation, and PAK2000 and Flomo/Nygala for Dollar Tree Stores.

Kids-Did-It! has also provided images for The Covenant House for homeless children, as well as Audubon, KPBS-TV and The San Diego Hospice as part of their find raising efforts.

Intergovernmental Philatelic Corporation (IGPC)
Norwood Promotional Products
Audubon, Pak2000, Houghton Mifflin, Walgreens
Leap Year Publishing, MeadWestvaco, Covenant House, Checks Unlimited, American Greetings, Prentice Hall, Jeanmarie Creations
Gibson Greetings, Papel Giftware, DayGlo, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.


I L L U S T R A T I O N   C O L L E C T I O N

Animals Still Life Flowers Landscape People Holiday Gallery No. 1 Transportation
Flowers and Trees Gallery Landscape People and Faces Gallery Holiday Gallery No. 1 Transportation
Animal Gallery
Fruit and Still Life Gallery

Click to browse these seven categories to view nearly 500 reference thumbnails from our fresh, cute and colorful collection.  

Creative Directors, Art Directors - contact us to request a larger format PDF of our current catalog.


U N I Q U E   D E S I G N   a n d   M A R K E T I N G   F E A T U R E S

Kids-Did-It! Designs® Logo

In addition to the inspiring character of our fresh and colorful artwork, to quickly communicate the Kids-Did-It! concept to consumers on your product, packaging and promotional materials we recommend including the Kids-Did-It! Designs® logo along with our 'Learn and Earn' story.

In addition to learning the basics of art and design, each young artist represented in the Kids-Did-It! Designs® collection also earns a royalty for the licensed reproduction of their artwork.

And for that double-take, "Did kids really do that?" response, the name and age of each young artist is also available, along with our collection of model-released photography of our young artists proudly displaying their artwork.

"Frogs" © Elyse Bobczynski, Age 5  Red Train © Isabel Tubao, Age 6  Butterfly © Jeffrfey Shutt, Age 6  Peace Angel © Lauren Van Woy, Age 7


P R O T O T Y P E   a n d   D E S I G N   S E R V I C E S 

Our designer is familiar with each image in the collections and is prepared to work with you to digitally adapt our images to any surface.  

With your letter of intent, low-resolution digital art files are also available to your creative staff to assist with early product development.


We want to work with you, therefore our reproduction fees are negotiable and are most often a share of the income earned by the Licensee from the sale of merchandise featuring the illustrations.  

A stock image, single-use fixed-fee agreement is also available.

We have contracted exclusively with each artist represented in the collection and have guaranteed them a ten percent share of any payments made to Kids-Did-It! on their behalf.

Use-rights transfer when we receive a signed Use Agreement and payment in US funds.

A R T   D E L I V E R Y  /  F I L E   T R A N S F E R S

Upon agreement, we can transfer high-resolution digital image files directly to the Licensee, or deliver them via courier.  Digital files of our promotional photography and our Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail brand logo are also available.

B R A I N S T O R M   w i t h   U S

We would be delighted to discuss any specific creative product strategy or image needs you might be considering.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have.

Also ask us about our If Creatures Could Talk™ series, or our slightly irreverent Nicholas Noodle Schoodle Doodles™ B/W illustration collection.


For additional information, please contact

Glenn Abrams:   g a b r a m s @ k i d s d i d i t . c o m   |   +1 (619) 523-5277

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