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San Diego cookbook authors, Glenn and Michelle Abrams, recently released an iPad edition of their Kids-Did-It! Cookie Bookie cookbook featuring tasty recipes deliciously illustrated by Michelle's young art students.


Art Teacher Inspires Creativity with iPad Cookbook Illustrated by Kids

SAN DIEGO, CA – Local San Diego resident, artist, art teacher, author and cookie baker, Michelle Abrams, along with her designer husband, Glenn, recently co-authored and published "The Kids-Did-It! Cookie Bookie Cookbook: A (fun) Cookie-Baking Cookbook for Kids, Illustrated by Kids!" featuring cookie recipes illustrated with playful animal watercolors from their Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids' art collection.

Each cookie recipe was initially inspired by one of Michelle's students' watercolors. She then created, tested and modified each recipe to complement the illustration - think extra crispy, cracked and crunchy Dragon Crisps, or delightfully light, fluffy and puffy Lamb Jams.

"It's a deliciously cute cookbook," says Michelle. "Besides being a collection of tasty and easy-to-follow dessert recipes, it's also a creative, fun-to-look-at celebration of kids and their imaginations! My personal favorites are the MoonMelts. Picture gooey marshmallow cream stuffed between two cocoa cookies floating in a colorful field of planets, moons, and stars!"

"And even better," says Glenn, "each young illustrator earns a royalty, plus – and believe me, I'm not just saying this – the recipes taste great! Imagine Chocolate Chipmunks, Cherry Chirps, Peanut Butterflies, Monster Mish-Mashes or Peppermint Pig Puffs."

Because the illustrations are so colorful, creative and inspirational the Abrams have provided copies of the cookbook to kid's organizations, community arts festivals and elementary schools, as well as local children's hospitals and infant care centers in support of their fund raising efforts.

"The Kids-Did-It! Cookie Bookie: A (fun) Cookie-Baking Cookbook for Kids, Illustrated by Kids!" is available in San Diego at Warwick's Books in La Jolla, CA, Great News Discount Cookware & Cooking School in Pacific Beach, CA, The Rockpile Bookstore, and the Point Loma Cabrillo Drug, in Point Loma, CA, and online at and ISBN: 978-1440455629

A new iPad edition is now available from the iBookstore via Apple's iBooks application. ISBN: 978-0615390055


About the Authors

Michelle Abrams

Artist, Art Instructor

Abrams Art Studio

Michelle, a mother of two artists, has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University and a broad range of professional experience in the creative arts, including animating for Sesame Street, serving as a multimedia Creative Director, and managing her own design studio.

Currently she is a professional painter, (a cookie baker!), and art instructor living in Southern California.


Glenn Abrams


Kids-Did-It! Properties

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, throughout his career Glenn has served as Designer, Creative Director and Event Producer on a wide variety of multi-media, marketing communication and entertainment projects.

In 1996 Glenn partnered with his wife, Michelle, to create Kids-Did-It! Properties, a California publisher and design studio that also licenses reproduction rights to their growing Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids' art collection of fresh and colorful illustrations, most created by Michelle's young art students, ages 3 to 14.  

In addition to learning the fundamentals of art and design, each artist represented in the collection also earns royalties for the reproduction of their artwork.

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Glenn Abrams:   g a b r a m s @ k i d s d i d i t . c o m   |   +1 (619) 523-5277

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