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Flomo/Nygala recently produced an adorable line of Kids-Did-It! Designs® illustrated gift bags created by young art students, including this watercolor, Butterfly, painted by 6-year-old artist, Jeffrey Shutt.


Kids Illustrate Gift Bag Line for Party, Gift and Discount Stores

SAN DIEGO, CA – Kids' art publisher, Kids-Did-It! Designs®, recently partnered with gift bag manufacturer Flomo/Nygala to produce a colorful line of illustrated gift bags for gift, party and discount stores. The gift bags, available in two sizes, feature animal watercolors selected from the Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids’ art collection.

The collection contains artwork made by young art students, ages 3 to 14, most created under the guidance of San Diego Artist, Author and Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams. In addition to the pride and satisfaction of becoming published artists, each student represented in the collection also earns royalties for the reproduction of their artwork.

As a teacher for more nearly 20 years, Michelle has shared her contagious love for the arts, bringing out the best from her enthusiastic young students. The resulting images are fresh, cute, exuberant, often humorous and quite inspirational - with many worthy of being called 'fine art' in the tradition of Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso or Miro.

“The images are so adorable, and the colors are bright and appealing,” said Wendy Shen, President and CEO of Flomo/Nygala.

Watercolors selected for the gift bags include Butterfly by Jeffrey Shutt, Age 6; Froggy by Brett Walker, Age 14; Orange Monkey by Anna Badger, Age 9; Parrots by Nick Abrams, Age 9; Purple Lizard by Lauren Van Woy, Age 10 and Spotted Cat by Brett Walker, Age 12.

In addition to gift bags, licensed artwork by more than 73 Kids-Did-It! artists has been published under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail logo on a variety of merchandise including prints, wall art and posters, The Kids-Did-It! Cookie Bookie cookbook, an art education / how-to picture book titled Blue Cows & Happy Fruit, note cards, school textbooks, bank checks, etc.

Kids-Did-It! continues to seek art licensing and design partners for Housewares, Home Furnishings, Accessories, Environmental Design, Giftware, Books, Stationary and other product categories.

Digitized thumbnails of nearly 500 of the most compelling illustrations from the Kids-Did-It! collection, plus products, promotional photos, news and background information can be found at:

Kids-Did-It! Properties™ - Glenn and Michelle Abrams

In 1996, Glenn partnered with his wife, Michelle, to create Kids-Did-It! Properties™, a California art
licensing and design studio that publishes their growing collection of fresh and colorful
illustrations, most created by Michelle's young art students, ages 3 to 14. In addition to learning
the fundamentals of art and design, each young artist represented in their Kids-Did-It! Designs®
kid’s art collection also earns royalties for the licensed reproduction of their work.

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