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"Flowers" © Stephen DeVito, Age 9

Kids-Did-It! Gift Bag Designs

Young artist Stephen Devito’s watercolor Flowers is one of eight charming and colorful illustrations in Walgreens’ Kids-Did-It! Designs® Mother’s Day gift bags collection featuring delightful floral artwork created by young San Diego children, ages 7-9.

Nation's Largest Drugstore Chain Features Kid's Artwork
on Kids-Did-It! Designs® Mother's Day Gift Bags

SAN DIEGO, CA – Tulsa, Oklahoma gift bag designer, Jeanmarie® Creations, working in partnership with Kids-Did-It! Properties, a San Diego, CA business that collects, represents and publishes student artwork, have published a unique series of eight gift bags under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail brand. The gift bags feature surprisingly beautiful, fresh and colorful floral illustrations created by young children, ages 7-9, and will be available for purchase for this Mother’s Day holiday in Walgreens drugstores throughout the US. In addition to learning the basics of art and design, each young artist also earns a royalty for the publication of their work.

Jeanmarie® Creations, a leading designer and marketer of decorative paper gift bags and tags, was inspired to select illustrations from the Kids-Did-It! Designs® collection because of their fresh and colorful images as well as the unique appeal of the Kids-Did-It! concept.

“The bright color and fun of these children’s drawings are really appealing. Plus it’s a great surprise when you find out the illustrations were made by young kids! They’re just right for this Mother’s Day program,” said Howard Conrad, Product Manager for Jeanmarie® Creations.

The bags features artwork created by Cortland Bobczynski (7), Stephen DeVito (7), Roxanne Hanson (7), Christina Miller (9), Bianca Saad (9), Jessica Shutt (9) and Lauren Van Woy (9) – all young students of California artist and art teacher, Michelle Abrams. Throughout the summer young children, ages 5-14, join Michelle for art classes in her San Diego studio. Her encouragement and contagious love for the arts brings out the best from her enthusiastic students.

Michelle often compares the student artwork to those of the classics, describing their artwork as, "…inspirational, quite colorful and strikingly beautiful.” After class, Michelle encourages parents and students to “take [their artwork] off the refrigerator, enlarge it, frame it – treat it like fine art and display it proudly throughout the house!”

Michelle's husband, Glenn, also a designer, was inspired to create Kids-Did-It! Properties™, a design studio that collects, represents and publishes the student artwork. So, aside from the thrill and satisfaction of being published artists, the young kids also earn a royalty for the licensed reproduction of their work. Students often use the proceeds as extra allowance, or for college savings. "Some students have even framed their first royalty check!" says Glenn.

About the Kids-Did-It! Designs® Mother’s Day gift bags, Glenn says, “This is an ideal use for the illustrations - the images are cheerful and charming and have such strong appeal, especially to moms - they can really appreciate the artwork. And it’s so uplifting - it’ll make a great gift!”

Besides Jeanmarie® Creations and Walgreens drugstores, Kids-Did-It! has provided images for an expanding list of enthusiastic licensees including office product giant MeadWestvaco, Deluxe subsidiary Checks Unlimited, Gibson/American Greetings, Papel Giftware™, Prentice Hall and Houghton-Mifflin Publishers, PAK2000/Dollar Tree Stores, DayGlo® Color Corporation, The Covenant House as well as KPBS and the San Diego Hospice, as part of their find raising art exhibits.

Kids-Did-It! Designs® artwork has been published on a variety of items ranging from books, checks and address labels, note and greeting cards, to gift bags, holiday giftware and calendars. More than 300 of the most compelling illustrations from the collection are available for licensed reproduction and distribution under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail brand logo.

To date, more than 42 students have been published through Kids-Did-It!, garnering licensees more than $4 million in retail sales.

This spring Kids-Did-It! Properties™ once again will be exhibiting their illustration collection at SURTEX and the L!CENSING Show at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in NYC, actively seeking new giftware licensees, along with new stationary, greeting card and other full-line licensing opportunities as well.

“The artwork is beautiful - fresh, inspirational - very colorful and surprisingly beautiful. It's a complete, cohesive collection with a very broad consumer appeal – we could easily adapt it for reproduction as a complete product line on a variety of materials, including paper goods, textiles, clothing, household and soft-goods, ceramics, plush toys, giftware - let your imagination go!" says Glenn. “Reaction to the [Kids-Did-It!] concept, our story-telling brand logo, our promotional photos and the images we represent continues to be positive and bodes well for continued growth.”

To see licensed products, artist’s photos, news, information and digitized artwork from the current Kids-Did-It! Designs® illustration collection, log on to:

Kids-Did-It! Designs® 2004 Mother’s Day gift bags are available in Walgreens drugstores located throughout 44 states in the US and Puerto Rico. To locate a nearby store, go to:

Biographical Information

Glenn Abrams
Kids-Did-It! Properties™

Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1979, Glenn has produced, designed, directed or managed a wide variety of creative multi-media, marketing communication and entertainment projects - the most memorable include serving as Producer on Microsoft's Windows95 Launch Event/Expo and Broadcast with Bill Gates and Jay Leno; Michael Jackson's World HIStory Tour 3D VR opening animation; the introduction of the Lexus LS400 and the new BMW 7Series automobiles, and traveling internationally in support of keynote presentations with Intel CEO, Craig Barrett.

In 1996, capitalizing on his marketing-communications and production experience, Glenn partnered with his wife, Michelle, to create Kids-Did-It! Properties™, a San Diego design studio that licenses reproduction-rights to their growing Kids-Did-It! Designs® collection of surprisingly sophisticated and beautiful illustrations created by Michelle's young art students, ages 5–14. In addition to learning the fundamentals of art and design, each young artist also earns a royalty for the reproduction of their artwork.

Michelle Abrams
Abrams Art Studio

Art Director and Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University, and a broad range of experience in the creative arts, including animating for Sesame Street, serving as a Creative Director in Los Angeles, managing her own San Diego illustration, design and animation studio, producing her own unique watercolor paintings, and teaching fine art to adults and young children. Michelle’s professional experience, enthusiasm, and contagious love for the arts bring out the best from her imaginative young art students.

Jeanmarie® Creations
Tulsa, OK

Jeanmarie® Creations is a leading designer and marketer of decorative paper gift bags, tags and other “convenience wrap” items serving mass channel customers for over 36 years throughout the United States.

Walgreen Co.
Deerfield, IL

Walgreen Co. is the nation's largest drugstore chain with fiscal 2003 sales of $32.5 billion. The company operates 4,336 stores in 44 states and Puerto Rico, including 361 in California, and plans to open 450 new stores in fiscal 2004. The company also operates Walgreens Health Initiatives, which provides pharmacy benefits management, mail service prescriptions and other clinical services.

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